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Balatro Back On Switch eShop In Europe With New Age Rating



Image: Playstack

Good news for deckbuilding fans itching to play the indie smash hit Balatro, as the game has returned to the Switch eShop today in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Just a week ago, the game disappeared from Switch storefronts due to “a reaction to an overnight change to Balatro’s age rating”. Today, publisher Playstack shared the news of Balatro’s return on Twitter. At the moment, the game is still unavailable to buy on the eShop in Japan, but the team are still looking into this.

“Great news!

Balatro is back up on the Nintendo Switch eShop across Europe, Australia and New Zealand

(We’re still looking into the Japan eShop – thanks for your patience on this)”

We’ve checked the Switch eShop and the game is indeed available to purchase here in the UK, albeit with that new 18+ rating. In comparison, we also checked the North American eShop, where purchases of the game were unaffected, where the game retains its E10+ rating.

Well, at least you can now pick the game up on Switch almost wherever you are. We hope the issues with the Japanese eShop release are resolved soon too, as the game is absolutely fantastic.

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