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REP Fitness Pushes Deeper Into European Home Gym Market



The fast-growing equipment supplier is looking to re-create its American home-fitness success across the pond

REP Fitness, the fitness equipment supplier known for its innovative approach to strength and cardio machinery, is looking to expand its presence in Europe with a direct-to-consumer (DTC) push.

While REP has already established itself in the United States, the Philippines and the United Kingdom via several partnerships, it’s now looking to plunge deeper into continental Europe, inking deals with Fitness Engros from Denmark and Innovex Fitness from the Netherlands. Both administer successful distribution networks across Europe. 

“We are excited to bring REP to our European customers,” said REP Fitness co-founder and co-CEO Ryan McGrotty. “Our partnership with Fitness Engros and Innovex Fitness will ensure that we maintain our high standards of service and product quality. This expansion is more than just growing our reach; it’s about making quality fitness equipment accessible to more people, enabling them to achieve their fitness goals with the best possible tools.”

The move marks a substantial step closer to REP’s ultimate goal of making its state-of-the-art equipment available to the masse worldwide The brand is fresh off exciting showcases at IHRSA 2024 where its Athena attachments, PR-5000 rack, Commercial Rig and a new ensemble of cardio equipment took center stage. With Fitness Engros and Innovex Fitness, REP aims to establish a seamless direct-to-customer model across Europe. 

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The European expansion move comes after REP did over $100 million in sales and distributed its equipment to over 1,000 brands in 2023. While much of the brand’s success in the U.S. has come on the DTC side of business, REP is also aggressively pursuing commercial expansion in the U.S.

“We’re probably one of the biggest home-gym companies that’s flown under the radar because we haven’t been out at trade shows, sponsoring events and sponsoring athletes,” McGrotty told Athletech News ahead of the company’s debut at IHRSA 2024 earlier this year in Los Angeles and its trip to FIBO 2024 in Germany.

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