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Factors to Consider While Choosing Industrial Workwear



Workwear is a requirement for most companies, especially if they deal with things such as food, chemicals, oil, gas, and fire. It is a form of protection for employees, and it’s also required by authorities as a work safety measure.

If you run such a company, it’s your responsibility to choose workwear for your employees, and you need to ensure that it protects them and shows professionalism. If you choose well, it will improve their confidence, well-being, and performance.

This guide will take you through the main factors you should consider when choosing safety workwear.

The Environment & Types of Hazards

This is the basis of all workwear selection. What industry are you in, where will the employees be working, and what are the hazards they face? If you are in the construction industry, your employees are at risk of falling objects. This means that you will need headgear that can protect them from impact or sharp objects. If they work in a manufacturing facility and are at risk of chemical spills, they need workwear that is resistant to chemicals. This means that the first thing you need to do is carry out an assessment.

Besides the hazards, you also need to look at the overall environment. If it’s a place that is prone to high temperatures, you need workwear that protects the employees from such. This way, you will not only be protecting your employees but also allowing them to perform the best way they can.

Professionalism & Brand Identity

Your employees are a representation of the company. This means that beyond safety, you need to put more thought into the impact of your workwear on customers. Most industries, such as construction and health, will involve employees interacting with clients. Does the workwear you choose reflect the level of professionalism the rest of the company shows?

On top of that, it needs to bear the company’s identity. This starts with the colours, which you should ensure they match the company’s brand colours. It would also help boost the company image if the workwear is branded with the company’s name and logo. Besides showing your brand, this will also ensure that the employees will be keen to show a good public image of your company.

Comfort & Mobility

While you can easily choose workwear that is safe and displays your identity, you also want to make sure that your employees are comfortable in it. Otherwise, they may tend to neglect the clothing at times when they should be wearing it. Most workwear covers large parts of the body, so the first you need to do is ensure that it’s breathable. Choose pieces made from material that allows ventilation or has a system for air and moisture management. This will make sure your employees don’t have a problem wearing it.

Besides that, you should also ensure that each employee gets workwear that fits them properly. While that may mean spending more, it also boosts the satisfaction and productivity of your employees.

Depending on the industry, you also need to factor in mobility aspects such as adjustable waistbands and stretch panels. These will help with the movement and reduce fatigue when workers need to wear the clothing for prolonged periods.

Total Cost of Ownership

Like everything else, you have to justify your expenditure to the management. This means that you need to evaluate your options carefully to make sure you balance between cost and quality. Higher-quality workwear will involve higher initial expenditure, but can it be justified? Will the workwear be safer, more comfortable, and last longer than the other options? Is it cheaper to clean, or will it lead to more costs due to specialized cleaning requirements?

At the end of the day, it’s a business. However, ensure you don’t sacrifice the safety and comfort of your employees to reduce costs.

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