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Why EU actions on Apple, Google and Facebook-parent Meta are a “worrying signal” as per industry body – Times of India



Tech industry body CCIA Europe has reportedly slammed European Commission’s antitrust investigations into Apple, Google, and Facebook parent Meta, launched this week. European Commission recently announced the first-ever investigations under a new Digital law, Digital Markets Act. The EU’s new Digital Markets Act (DMA) aims to curb the power of large tech companies.
CCIA Europe members include Apple, Google, and Meta.
The group argues that the probes might be premature. “The timing of these announcements, while the DMA compliance workshops are still ongoing, makes it look like the Commission could be jumping the gun,” said the head of CCIA Europe, Daniel Friedlaender, as per a report in news agency AFP.
Friedlaender expressed concern about the timing. He pointed out that workshops to explain DMA compliance are still ongoing, suggesting the EU might be rushing into investigations. “As we all know, data takes time to collect. What we see now, however, sends a worrying signal that the EU might rush into investigations without knowing what they’re investigating,” Friedlaender added.
However, Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s competition commissioner, defended the decision. She acknowledged the importance of industry input but emphasized the EU’s authority to initiate investigations.
“We will determine when to open cases based on evidence, not industry workshops,” Vestager said. “These investigations are well-timed and reflect the goals of the DMA.”

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