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Hugo Ekitike denies ever speaking to Cameroon’s coach about his international future – Get French Football News



Hugo Ekitike (21) has denied that he has decided on his future international allegiance after an interview with the current manager of the Cameroon national team suggested otherwise. 

Marc Brys’s short tenure in charge of Cameroon has been full of controversy from the moment his name was announced, as the Belgian was appointed over the head of the football federation by the government. In fact, the federation only found out about the news alongside the general public when the government released a press conference. 

Despite a unique situation where the Belgian manager finds himself the face of a federation that rejects his very appointment as a legal red line – government intervention into football federations is strictly forbidden by FIFA – he has thrown himself into the job wholeheartedly. 

As he detailed to Le Monde his commitment has seen him take a European tour where he has interviewed a whole host of players who are eligible to play for the African nation. A process which he says involved talking to Ekitike, who he accepted would not like to play for Cameroon. 

Hugo Ekitike denies ever speaking to Marc Brys

Brys stated that the Eintracht Frankfurt forward on loan from Paris Saint-Germain would instead prefer to play for France, and that “we must respect his choice.” Only it seems as if Ekitike did not have any knowledge of this conversation taking place. The player revealed today through his agent that he had “not said anything to anyone about this, neither to the Cameroon coach nor to the media.

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