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Aston Villa news: Opinion – Will Emery prioritise Europe over Premier League?



For Aston Villa it is just about the game in front of them against Olympiakos and Unai Emery knows this tournament and European competitions well.

They have Brighton after that in the Premier League and they have not been in good form lately, so he just needs to carry on approaching it as is.

Take the home game in the semi-finals of the Europa Conference league first and then go deal with Brighton at the weekend. That is all they can do. Take the one in front of you, knock it off and do the best you can.

It is difficult to know whether they will prioritise one competition or the other, because a trophy in Europe would be amazing for the supporters and everyone. But if they get top four, I think that would put them in a stronger position.

They have got to go for it, but it is very nervy.

However, I did hear from a supporter recently that they do not believe they are ready for that Champions League spot yet. It is interesting to hear their thoughts and questioning whether they are strong enough to go into Europe’s top competition.

With Emery as manager and the experience they have, I feel they are in a position to say ‘why not’ and go for it if they do make the Champions League next season.

I also see them having a good opportunity to go and reach the Conference League final with the players they have got playing really well at the moment in key positions.

You have to say they have a good chance, and why not?

Michael Brown was speaking to BBC Sport’s Nicola Pearson

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