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World War 3 could turn Europe into ‘radioactive’ wasteland – experts warn



The world is on the brink of World War 3 a bombshell new report claims. Globsec, a global security thinktank, made the astonishing claim as it warned that Europe would bear the brunt of an all-out global conflict.

The security experts said that Russia‘s war in Ukraine may turn into a ‘hybrid World War 3’ situation which would leave Europe suffering from mass radioactive contamination. They said that Russia would unleash carnage in Europe if Vladimir Putin‘s forces were successful in seizing Ukraine.

This comes as even Ukraine‘s deputy spy chief admitted that Ukraine was preparing for peace talks with Russia as there is “no way to win on the battlefield alone”. Maj Gen Vadym Skibitsky acknowledged that Ukraine’s forces – running low on manpower and weapons – were suffering setback after setback on the battlefield.

If President Putin wins in Ukraine, the conflict could spill over into an all-out war with NATO forces.

The group warned that “Russia might feel ready at some point to attack other states like Georgia, Kazakhstan and Moldova,” and a “conventional war of NATO countries with Russia” could ensue.

It also highlighted the “actual nuclear threat” in Russia‘s hands following its withdrawal from international nuclear deterrence treaties. Last month, Polish President Andrzej Duda has already said his country was ready to host nuclear weapons from NATO to retaliate against any Russian nuclear moves.

According to Globsec’s analysis, the war in Ukraine has also intensified the risks of nuclear contamination in Europe.

It warned that the continued strikes on Zaporizhzhya – Europe’s largest nuclear power plant – could eventually lead to “humanitarian and ecological catastrophe on the entire continent”.

Globsec also raised the alarm on ‘copycat wars’ throughout the world if Russia secures a victory.

The threat of WW3 echoes a recent warning from a former White House national security adviser, who said the globe “could be on the cusp of another World War”.

General H.R. McMaster, who served as a special adviser to former president Donald Trump, explained that the conflicts unfolding around the world pose ever-increasing threats to the West and urged the UK and US to increase its defense spending.

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