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As the world strives to reduce waste: Miramar Travel partners with Rail Europe to promote sustainable European rail travel



As the tourism industry recovers from the impacts of the global pandemic, both international and domestic travel have surged – bringing renewed concerns about tourism-driven environmental pollution. In response, Miramar Travel has partnered with Rail Europe to launch a series of exclusive European railway tours aimed at promoting sustainable tourism initiatives.

Utilizing the extensive railway network is one of the best ways to travel between cities and countries across Europe. Rail-focused itineraries allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the local lifestyle by experiencing the region’s iconic trains, cable cars, and gondolas as the primary modes of transportation.

Beyond the cultural benefits, railway travel also offers practical advantages. Trains not only provide awe-inspiring views of the natural and urban landscapes, but they are a faster and more eco-friendly alternative to modes like buses, planes, and cars. Railway transport is considered significantly more environmentally friendly, as trains produce lower carbon emissions and reduce air pollution compared to other modes of transportation.

Through its partnership with Rail Europe, Miramar Travel is introducing a new ‘European Rail Series’ of itineraries that allow travelers to explore Switzerland, France, Italy, and the UK by train. For trips in Switzerland, a specialized ‘door-to-door’ luggage service is even available, where customers’ bags are transported directly to their next hotel, streamlining the rail journey.

According to Miramar Travel’s General Manager, Mr Alex Lee, the company’s European tour packages will gradually transition away from tour buses, instead connecting destinations through train travel. This shift, he explained, will make the itineraries more flexible and versatile for guests.

Beyond the convenience, Alex also pointed out several other benefits offered by railway travel. For instance, trains are often faster than flying between European cities, as stations are typically located in city centers, saving time compared to the airport commute. Additionally, train journeys tend to be more stable, smooth and comfortable than long-distance bus travel, which can be affected by weather and road conditions. Passengers also enjoy greater personal space and the opportunity to take in scenic views along the way – advantages that bus and air travel cannot match.

To further enhance its rail travel offerings, Miramar Travel is also launching an online flagship store this summer. Through this platform, enthusiastic travelers will be able to purchase train tickets and rail passes for destinations across Europe, including Switzerland, France, Italy, the UK, Spain, Germany, and beyond.

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