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Your March Lunar Eclipse Horoscope Is All About Your Love Life



A lot can happen in six months. Think back to October 2023 — what has transformed in your life involving security? Are you living in a completely new paradigm? Did you have to let go of something? That is the nature of what a lunar eclipse can bring. Only this time, on March 25–at the beginning of the Aries Season–you can expect a more narrowed focus in the relationship realm, leaving room for you to power through past obstacles. This lunar eclipse in 5 degrees Libra is the official harbinger of the required need to inspect what has been overlooked in your love story.

How can you witness the Lunar Eclipse on March 25, 2024? Where can it be seen?

Photo by Nick Owuor (astro.nic.portraits) on Unsplash

The penumbral lunar eclipse on March 25 will be a partial lunar eclipse in which the moon passes through the outermost edge of the Earth’s shadow. It can be seen in most of Europe, North and East Asia, North America, South America, the Arctic, and Antarctica, according to

What will happen during this lunar eclipse?

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During lunar eclipses–a supercharged full moon–illuminates the parts of our lives that require change in six months. With the lunar eclipse taking place in the relationship-oriented sign Libra, the themes this lunation will heighten are love, fairness, balance, and justice.

Luckily, this lunar eclipse will empower us to invite the necessary shifts in our love story as the lunar eclipse will trine in aspect with Pluto. This promises reinvention and the ability to attract authenticity in our relationships. Venus will be the leader of this lunar eclipse as it is the planetary ruler of Libra. Relationships will change, and if the latter of fairness or balance goes undetected, this is the gray area we will experience in love. Leading to convoluted thoughts of, “What if?”

Since Venus is in Pisces, it will shed light and truth regarding our connections. The key to navigating this next phase in your love story has to be done by alignment with the heart. This will secure your confidence as Venus aligns with the commitment planet Saturn the same day. Single or not, this lunar eclipse will propel you to make a decision that aligns with your integrity, empowering you to align with your truth and how you will progress.

In whatever house in your birth chart the lunar eclipse will cross over, it will help you let go of an aspect or situation and attract better opportunities in relationships. The hard part is letting go – are you up for it?

This lunar eclipse will impact the cardinal signs Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer. Witness the changes if you have 5 degrees in these cardinal signs. Read for your sun, moon, and rising for additional insight.

Lunar Eclipse 2024 Horoscope For Your Sign

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Aries: The veil lifts with your love story. As you dig deeper into your partnership or revisit past unresolved matters, you will find clarity and understanding of what you can do to improve your outcome.

Taurus: Your focus will be primarily on your daily routines and rituals, highlighting the importance of connecting to your body and vitality. If you plan to begin a health regimen or leave a toxic situation, this is the moment to witness positive changes in your life.

Gemini: This lunation will allow you to close a chapter regarding a storyline you no longer wish to live out, whether in romantic patterns or creative projects. Celebrate your past love experiences and witness the healing–opening a new door of a genuine connection.

Cancer: A shift will occur involving your emotional foundation and family connections. This lunar eclipse will inspire changes in your residence or family dynamics.

sunset sky with full moon


Leo: Reflect on your ideas, communication, and inner connections. A part of you has to evolve to make room for better opportunities, which may involve your perception of the world. Let go and become open to new information to gain better traction.

Virgo: This lunation will invoke revelations involving your views towards money and financial stability. Closing a chapter or refining your skillset will open doors to increasing abundance. Future collaborations and negotiations are favorable at this time – be open-minded.

Libra: This lunar eclipse will shift the importance of paying attention to your vulnerability while incorporating your needs. Lead by your feelings. The people-pleasing tendencies will fade away these next few months, helping you live a more authentic and magical path.

Scorpio: Get ready to explore and release your past unresolved issues. Doing so will enable you to connect with life while genuinely experiencing spiritual renewal. This lunation will ignite limitless empowerment as you do the inner work.

sunset sky with clouds


Sagittarius: Observe your networks and friendships. It’s time to release activities that no longer serve your growth and find your tribe by being true to yourself. Taking chances and speaking about your passions will help your dreams take flight.

Capricorn: Marks the end of a chapter involving your role. This can manifest as a shift in your position, helping you realize what gifts you’d like to use. Lead by your passion and the purity of purpose to ensure success.

Aquarius: This lunation concludes a phase in your personal beliefs. It will encourage you to explore the uncharted. This could manifest in many ways, such as travel, different courses of study, or going public with your wisdom.

Pisces: Prepare for your chrysalis period. Your intimate connection with yourself or your partner undergoes reflection. Take the opportunity to review long-term plans and resolve old traumas or dependencies. Take this time for yourself and relish the stillness.

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