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Xiangshuai Traveller 525, the future MITT Traveller 525 in Europe?



Xiangshuai Traveller 525, the future MITT Traveller 525 in Europe?

The Chinese company Xiangshuai launched a new model this summer, the Traveller 525. This mid-sized cruiser is clearly inspired by bikes like the Honda CMX 500 Rebel or the Voge CU 525.

In China, the bike is priced at 26,980 yuan (approximately 3,500 euros). It is uncertain whether it will be available in Europe, but according to Motorcycle Online, if it does enter this market, it will likely be in 2025 under the Mitt brand, similar to other Xiangshuai models. Typically, these models are introduced through Spain.

The Traveller 525 features a 494 cc twin-cylinder engine, producing a maximum power of 54 hp (which could be reduced to 48 hp to comply with A2 license requirements in Europe). It is paired with a six-speed manual transmission and a 2-in-2 exhaust system.

The tubular steel frame is based on the original CMX 500 Rebel. The 16-inch wheels, both front and rear, have a bobber style, each equipped with a brake disc with a four-piston caliper and ABS.

The seat height is 698 millimeters, and the fuel tank has a capacity of up to 14 liters, which provides a range of about 400 km considering the announced fuel consumption of 3.5 liters per 100 km. The wheelbase is 1,505 millimeters.

The instrument panel features a large digital screen with smartphone connectivity and an audio system with two speakers.

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