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WW3 fears explode as Russia’s plot to ‘sabotage’ Europe is laid bare



World War Three fears have exploded as Russia’s plot to orchestrate a series of sabotage operations across Europe have been laid bare by an expert. US and allied intelligence officials believe a series of recent incidents across the continent, mostly consisting of arsons or attempted arsons, are covert operations being led by the Russian military intelligence agency, the GRU, the New York Times wrote.

The incidents identified by these officials are scattered across Europe, including Poland, Latvia and England.

The varied nature of the targets, some of which don’t have an apparent link to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, may make these incidents look isolated and random.

However, these officials believe they are part of a concerted effort by Russia to slow arms transfer to Ukraine and portray growing opposition in Europe to the support for the war-torn country.

Moreover, these attacks may end up raising the costs and slowing the pace of arms transfers to Ukraine if they force nations to add security throughout the weapon supply chain as a safeguarding measure from more orchestrated incidents, some security officials believe.

The security officials also believe the GRU is treading carefully with its sabotaging actions, as it wants the public’s attention on them without being directly blamed.

In order to create a more coordinated response to these allegedly Russian-orchestrated incidents and curb their success, NATO ambassadors are to meet in June with the US director of national intelligence, Avril D Haines, to discuss both the Russian war in Ukraine and Moscow’s covert sabotage campaign in the continent.

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