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[Watch] European Cricket Delivers Absolute Gold As Fielding Heroics Quickly Become Embarrassment



A hilarious fielding effort in European Cricket left everyone in splits (

Whenever you need a good laugh in your life, check out what is going on at European Cricket. And the latest video, which went viral on social media, was no different, and no wonder, people, as well as players in the dressing room, could not stop smiling after the incident.

It all happened during a clash between Independents CC and Donaustadt, which was one of the matches in Group F Qualifer 2 of Euhropean Cricket 2024 at Spain’s Cartama Oval.

While coming to defend 148, one of the Donaustadt fielders tried to save a certain boundary by his feet, and he got success after sprinting. However, while attempting to pick up the ball to throw at the keeper’s end, he failed to gather it, resulting in it crossing the boundary ropes.

The fielder was devastated, and he kneeled down in disappointment. On the other hand, each and every one of Independents players who were in the dugout could not control their laughter.

Watch the video here

Notably, his fielding heroics did not go in vain, as Donaustadt defeated Independents CC by 14 runs, having restricted them to 133/5.

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