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US Travel To Europe Surging – These Are the Destinations Trending This Summer



summer approaches, the allure of European
beckons to American travelers once again, with a substantial
uptick in bookings noted by leading travel insurance provider Allianz

According to its annual Top 10 Summer European Destinations
review (part of its European Summer Travel Index), there has been an astonishing 34 percent increase in the number of
Americans venturing across the Atlantic this summer compared to the same period
last year.

analysis of flight itineraries of five to eight days’ duration, departing
between Memorial Day and Labor Day, indicated that the U.K.
capital of London continues to reign supreme as the most sought-after
destination, with the French capital (and Olympic host) city of Paris closely
trailing behind in the second spot with only half the number of bookings.

vibrant city of Dublin, Ireland,
once again secured its position as Europe’s third most popular vacation spot.
All of the top three destinations promise to deliver a rich tapestry of
international sports and music events to entice travelers this summer season.

the first time since the survey was first launched in 2015, Nice, France,
famed for its picturesque beaches and Mediterranean
charm, nudged its way onto the list in tenth place. Meanwhile, Barcelona, Spain,
also reclaimed its eighth-place spot among the elite destinations after a
notable absence from last year’s top 10 list. These two Continental locations
managed to bump Milan, Italy,
and Lisbon, Portugal
out of the top 10 for 2024. 

favorites, like Edinburgh, Scotland
(fourth) and Amsterdam, Netherlands
(sixth)—which each rose by two positions since 2023—wrestled for their position
in the middle of the pack.  Rome, Italy (fifth)
actually slid down one slot this summer, and Reykjavik, Iceland
(seventh), and Athens, Greece
(ninth), each fell by two spots on this year’s roster.

Allianz Partners' Summer 2024 Top European Destinations for Americans.

Allianz Partners’ Summer 2024 Top European Destinations for Americans. (Photo Credit: Allianz Partners USA)

“Following the
pandemic, Europe has been a top summer destination for Americans,” said Daniel
Durazo, director of external communications at Allianz Partners USA. “Since
transcontinental travel typically requires a more substantial budget to cover
the flights, hotels and tours that combine for a memorable trip, the right
travel insurance plan becomes even more valuable to protect against covered
losses resulting from trip cancellations, interruptions, delays and medical
emergencies that are sometimes an unexpected byproduct of vacation planning.”

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