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US and Europe-dominated sports seeing hostile Saudi takeover: THIS sport is next



US and Europe-dominated sports seeing hostile Saudi takeover: THIS sport is next

Saudi Arabia is currently eyeing boxing as their next sport where they will be performing a hostile takeover, meaning, they will invest billions into the sport and snatch the dominance of the West around this sport. A similar situation was seen in recent times around popular sports like golf and soccer where they have already invested billions of dollars to influence the sporting market. Saudi Pro League, a mega-cash rich football franchise event, is the prime example of this as it has seen avid participation from globally renowned football players like Neymar Jr., Christiano Ronaldo and many more. These players have turned down major offers from popular football leagues from the world and arrived at Saudi to play for clubs like Al Nassr, Al-Hilal and others.

Hostile takeover of football: Saudis tried to rope in Messi too

According to reports, Saudi Arabia invested billions of dollars in world football but also roped in some leading footballing icons, as mentioned above. However, they also tried to lure Argentina’s World Cup-winning legend Lionel Messi but the deal did not go through and Messi went to play for the Inter Miami FC

After golf, Saudi Arabia has eyes on professional boxing

Saudi Arabia has also tried to launch a full-fledged attack on professional golf, majorly dominated by the United States. It has reportedly invested millions into financing its gold infrastructure and its own set of cash-rich championships so that the golfers are lured to the Middle East, breaking through the barriers of the West.

Saudi Arabia planning its own Ultimate Fighting Championship?

If a DNYUZ report is to be believed, Saudi Arabia is delving further into the world of sports as they have already picked professional boxing as their next sporting investment target. The Public Investment Fund, according to reports, will be financing the investment towards the plans by the Saudis to enter the boxing business arena in a grand way. Although, no confirmation or word ha been received around this from PIF yet.

Saudi Arabia plans on inviting 200 of the top male boxers in the world to participate in what can be understood as a ‘global boxing league’, where these players will be divided across 12 weight categories. Each weight class will comprise of roughly 15 boxers who will go head-to-head against each other quite often, which will be quite a spectacle and a rather unique concept. Reportedly, this plan may follow similar business model like the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).


Where is the Saudi Pro League held?
The Saudi Pro League is a cash-rich football franchise event that is held across major venues spread across Saudi Arabia where some of the top footballing icons participate.

Is Saudi Arabia launching its own UFC-style boxing event?
According to latest reports, Saudi Arabia is attempting to dominate the global boxing market, majorly captured by the United States, by launching a ‘global boxing league’ that may see hundreds of boxers facing off in different weight classes, similar to the business model of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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