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Türkiye’s fiber-optic infrastructure ranks 2nd in Europe – Türkiye News




Türkiye has ranked second in Europe in fiber-optic cable infrastructure, with 18 million households subscribing to fiber, while France takes the lead, according to a report by the FTTH Council Europe.

Despite its population and challenging geographical conditions, Türkiye has made significant strides. Türkiye is among the top three countries in Europe, along with France and Spain, in terms of subscriber growth in fiber connectivity. This success underlines our determination and commitment to build a robust fiber infrastructure.

Türk Telekom CEO Ümit Önal emphasized that Türkiye is among the leading countries in Europe in terms of fiber infrastructure.

Referring to the September 2023 data of FTTH Council Europe, Önal said, “According to the report, we are the second country in Europe in fiber access to households. In the previous report, we were in third place. Our rise to second place in this year’s report shows our determination and perseverance in developing our fiber infrastructure. We are also proud to be among the top five countries in Europe in both fiber access growth and subscriber growth.”

Önal said that the first individual 5G experience open to the public was launched at Istanbul Airport under the leadership of the Transport and Infrastructure Ministry and that the first smart factory application was implemented in Türkiye.

“Many innovative projects such as the first 5G supported online remote surgery in healthcare and the first smart tractor use in agriculture were realized,” he added.

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