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Traxo sees ‘uptick’ in non-TMC air bookings



Traxo sees ‘uptick’ in non-TMC air bookings

Corporate travel data capture technology provider Traxo reports a “material uptick” in travellers booking outside of travel management companies among their customers over the first half of this year.

Non-TMC airline bookings among Traxo clients totalled 30.6 per cent of bookings in June; in January, they totalled 18.7 per cent of bookings, according to Traxo. 

The company’s data showed a steady increase in non-TMC airline booking from February to May, when non-TMC bookings totalled 31.3 per cent of bookings.

In a statement, Traxo CEO and founder Andres Fabris said the increase has come amid the “push for direct distribution by airlines” via New Distribution Capability policies.

“While NDC was intended to be purely about upgraded technology, some airlines have shaped their NDC-related policies to achieve commercial goals such as direct bookings,” according to Fabris. 

“As a result, NDC has sometimes been ‘weaponised’ to encourage corporate travellers to book directly, attracted by benefits like enhanced personalisation, dynamic pricing and cost savings.”

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