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Top 5 Most Beautiful Cities in the World According to Travelers, All in Europe



TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Tourists choose destinations based on several factors, one of which is aesthetics or beauty. Some cities attract tourists because of their storybook-like architecture, well-preserved castles, and rows of green that please the eyes.

Travelers on Reddit have listed some of the most aesthetically beautiful cities that never lose their appeal no matter how many times it is visited, based on the question asked by user Slommyhouse. The answers include specific destinations and lesser-known cities in Europe as listed below:

1. Florence, Italy

In terms of art and architecture, Florence in Italy stands out the most. Tourists can find grocery stores or shops selling pizza in stunning Renaissance architecture, as well as major sites such as the Duomo Cathedral and Michelangelo’s “David” statue. Reddit user claudio6992 said that Florence’s beauty “hits different” every time they visit. “I love history and for me, it’s like an open museum where you can imagine yourself transported back to a different era,” they said.

2. Prague, Czech Republic

Coming second after Florence is Prague. “Prague was immediately my first thought,” said Reddit user WestCoastBestCoast01. Prague is bisected by the Vltava River and built around Old Town Square, which is surrounded by colorful baroque buildings. The highlight of this square is the historic St. Nicholas Church, considered Prague’s greatest example of Baroque architecture and medieval astronomical clock.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

According to user BasicLawyer, Edinburgh is special, because the city has “ancient volcanic structures surrounding a gothic city with networks of underground streets.” The compact and hilly city of Edinburgh has two distinct areas, namely the medieval Old Town and the elegant neoclassical New Town, which has stunning gardens. The juxtaposition of these two areas is so significant that it has been named a UNESCO Heritage Site.

4. Ljubljana, Slovenia

The country in Central Europe, Slovenia, is less popular as a tourist destination. According to user SoullesGinger666, Ljubljana is a pedestrian-friendly city. User klimatronic shared the sentiment, noting that  “when you are in Ljubljana, you don’t need a car or even public transport, you can go anywhere on foot.”

The country is famous for its mountains, ski resorts, and Lake Bled, a glacial lake fed by hot springs. Ljubljana is bisected by the Ljubljanica River, which is lined with outdoor cafes and many interesting green spaces to visit.

5. Sintra, Portugal

Lastly, the most beautiful city in the world is the small city in Portugal, Sintra. The town is only a 40-minute drive from central Lisbon, but the vibe is significantly different. Reddit user notyourwheezy said visiting this city felt like a fairytale, especially when it’s rainy and misty.

The city is located at the foot of Portugal’s Sintra Mountains and is surrounded by forests and greenery. Several palaces are interesting to visit, including the Sintra National Palace, known for its twin chimneys and famous tilework, as well as the Pena National Palace, which sits on a hilltop.


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