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TikTok used the ‘policy test’ to lay off employees in Europe | – Times of India



TikTok is laying off more than 250 employees at its Ireland office. The company says this is part of a restructuring plan, though some employees call the move “insensitive” on how TikTok has handled the situation.
A spokesperson for TikTok told the Irish publication The Journal that the job losses will be “more than 250 but less than 300.” TikTok says the job cuts are because it is redesigning its Training and Quality team to improve how it checks the quality of its employees’ work.
The company employed around 3,000 people in Ireland before the restructuring.
“TikTok’s priority is supporting affected employees through this transition to minimise the impact of the changes,” the company said in a statement, adding that Ireland remains a “hugely important base” and that it is continuing to hire for roles across the business.
However, several impacted employees have spoken to The Journal about their experiences over the past few months and criticised the criteria used to determine redundancies. In October, staff were informed that they would be undertaking a test to assess “policy proficiency,” which was later used as part of the criteria for deciding who would be made redundant.
One employee said, “We weren’t allowed to see the results, they just gave us the result and that was it.”
Another employee said that they would have studied a lot more if they had known how important the test was.
“We weren’t allowed to review the results, they just gave the result, and that was it,” one employee facing redundancy told The Journal.
Another employee said, “Had they been aware of the importance of the test, they would have studied intensely.”
Some staff have also criticised the “insensitive” way some things have been communicated, blaming this on a lack of communication between departments. Employees tell that a mass email was sent on March 28 informing staff about a one-time supplement to the 2023 Annual Bonus for employees rated ‘M’ and above in their performance reviews. However, the email also stated that only employees who are still active on April 25 will receive it.
“Why wouldn’t you wait until tomorrow to send this email, instead of showing it in front of everyone when we’re being let go in two weeks,” said one employee.
The Journal has reviewed an FAQ document from TikTok addressing staff concerns about a test used to determine job cuts. The document states that the recently completed test was chosen as the best measure of policy proficiency for the restructuring process, which affected employees across the EMEA region.
A TikTok spokesperson told The Journal that such tests are regularly conducted, and staff are expected to have a high level of knowledge. Although the test was not originally connected to the restructuring, the company later decided to use the scores as one of the criteria for selecting employees to be let go.

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