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These Are 22 Professions Growing in Demand Across Europe



The top-growing occupations in Europe are mainly related to IT, sales and marketing, data, analytics, and sustainability, as revealed by LinkedIn, a business and employment-focused social media platform.

Data indicates that job skill sets have changed by 25 per cent since 2015 and are expected to shift by 65 per cent by 2030 worldwide, SchengenVisaInfo reports.

The acceleration of artificial intelligence and automation has created new opportunities and challenges for professionals and companies alike looking to prepare for the future.


According to the LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise 2024 list, the fastest-growing professions over the past five years in some European countries are as follows:

  • France: Sales Manager, Admissions Specialist, Energy Broker
  • Germany: Sustainability Manager, Cyber Security Analyst, Public Sector Consultant
  • Ireland: Caseworker, Learning Specialist, Chief Commercial Officer
  • Italy: Business Development Representative, Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Security Operations Center Analyst
  • The Netherlands: Talent Acquisition Specialist, Data Steward, Product Analyst
  • Spain: Security Operations Center Analyst, Software Engineer Analyst, Sustainability Manager
  • Sweden: Cyber Security Engineer, Sustainability Analyst, Growth Specialist
  • Switzerland: Financial Advisor, Human Resources Specialist, Artificial Intelligence Engineer)
  • The United Kingdom: Sustainability Manager, Sales Development Representative, Underwriting Analyst

Among these, the occupations with the most remote job opportunities include roles like software engineering analyst, sales manager, and energy broker.

Meanwhile, roles with the highest hybrid job availability (office + remote) were professions such as caseworker, underwriting analyst, product analyst, and cyber security engineer.

Depending on the occupation, the median years of experience required for these jobs started at 1.7 to 6.8 years.

In addition to the fastest-growing occupations in Europe, has compiled a list of high-paying positions in Europe. These occupations are data scientist, financial director, business development manager, product manager, and project manager. All of these professions are paid more than €5,000 on a monthly basis across Europe.

Meanwhile, Luxembourg, Reykjavik, and Berlin emerged as the top three European capitals where people are most satisfied with their jobs, as revealed in the recent EU Report on the Quality of Life in European Cities.

In addition to Berlin, three other German cities were listed among the top ten EU cities with the highest job satisfaction.

Individuals looking to reduce their working hours to fit them into a four-day week may find it noteworthy that several European countries already apply these practices or are likely to introduce them this year.

For instance, Belgium and Iceland already practice working four days a week, whereas France, Denmark, and the Netherlands have some of the shortest working weeks.

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