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The five most used 125 scooters in Europe



125 cc scooters are a popular choice in Europe because of their fuel economy, ease of driving and versatility. Here are the five most used 125 cc scooters in Europe:

Honda PCX 125:


The Honda PCX 125 is one of the best-selling and most popular scooters in Europe. It stands out for its modern and aerodynamic design, as well as being extremely economical. With its 125cc single-cylinder engine and Start-Stop system, it offers a smooth and efficient ride, ideal for city traffic. Its comfort is enhanced by adjustable rear suspension and a wide seat.

Yamaha NMAX 125:


The Yamaha NMAX 125 is known for its combination of performance and style. Equipped with a 125 cc Blue Core engine, it provides vigorous acceleration and fuel economy. The scooter has ABS brakes as standard, ensuring greater safety. The compact design and improved ergonomics make it an excellent choice for city commuting.

Piaggio Liberty 125:


The Piaggio Liberty 125 is appreciated for its practicality and Italian style. It has a 125 cc i-Get engine, which offers an economical and agile ride. The scooter is light and easy to maneuver, with large wheels that provide greater stability. The large storage compartment under the seat is ideal for everyday use.

Peugeot Tweet 125:


The Peugeot Tweet 125 is a versatile and economical scooter, popular in European cities. Its 125cc engine is efficient and reliable, guaranteeing good urban performance. With 16-inch wheels, it offers excellent stability and superior comfort on uneven surfaces. Its elegant design and competitive price make it an attractive option.

Vespa Primavera 125:


The Vespa Primavera 125 is an icon of style and tradition. With a modern and efficient 125cc engine, it combines classic Vespa charm with the latest technology. The Primavera is known for its timeless design, comfort and maneuverability. Ideal for those looking for a scooter with personality and excellent performance.

These 125cc scooters are widely used in Europe due to their reliability, economy and everyday functionality, meeting the needs of a wide range of city riders.

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