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The Cheeky Panda takes giant strides as it rolls into Europe



The Cheeky Panda, the British sustainable bamboo hygiene brand, is poised to expand its presence in Europe with a 16 country distribution deal, co-founder Julie Chen says.

She said that although The Cheeky Panda still has plenty of growth to achieve in its home market, as well as the US, it is looking to expand in Europe’s business-to-business market. In the UK, its products are distributed by the likes of Bunzl and PHS, to businesses such as Brewdog, IBM and Enterprise.

Founded in January 2016 by Chen and her husband Chris Forbes, The Cheeky Panda increased its 2023 revenues from £10.8million to £12million plus. The company uses sustainable bamboo for its household and baby products, which includes nappies, toilet tissue, face wipes, and straws.

Chen said that bamboo grows 30 times faster than trees, absorbs 35 per cent more carbon and produces 30 per cent more oxygen. “With bamboo, even when you cut it down it grows back so its super sustainable. It’s a never-ending carbon reduction machine,” she said.

She added that although the firm’s products are made in China, it is looking to move production of its wipes to the UK this year.

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