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The 10 most dangerous cities in Europe with three in UK – full list



In a recent report by Numbeo, an online database specialising in global living conditions, a stark revelation has emerged regarding the safety of European cities.

The report discloses the 10 most dangerous cities in Europe, with an unexpected prominence of three UK cities, underscoring pressing safety concerns within the nation.

Sitting atop the disconcerting list is Bradford, in the UK, boasting a staggering crime index of 67.7, alarmingly contrasted with a safety index of merely 32.3.

Following closely in its wake is Marseille, France, securing the second position with a crime index of 65.5 and a safety index of 34.5. Notably, Coventry, also in the UK, clinches the third spot, registering a crime index of 64.9 alongside a safety index of 35.1.

The fourth and fifth places are occupied by Birmingham and Naples, Italy, respectively. Birmingham grapples with a crime index of 63.8 juxtaposed against a safety index of 36.2, while Naples stands at a crime index of 62.6 and a safety index of 37.4.

Rounding up the top ten are Montpellier and Grenoble from France, Liege from Belgium, and Catania from Italy. Paris, often romanticised for its allure, surprisingly nabs the tenth position, tallying a crime index of 57.6 and a safety index of 42.4.

The unveiling of these statistics comes amid a backdrop of concerning trends.

Official figures in the UK reveal a 7 percent surge in offences involving knives or sharp instruments in the past year.

The Office for National Statistics reports a staggering 49,489 such incidents recorded by police between January 2023 and December 2023, a notable uptick from the previous year’s figures.

The data further illuminates regional disparities, with the West Midlands emerging as the policing area with the highest incidence rate at 180 offences per 100,000 population.

Metropolitan Police, covering the majority of London, closely follows with 165 offences per 100,000 population, underscoring the pervasive nature of this issue.

The report also sheds light on a disconcerting surge in shoplifting offences, reaching their highest levels in two decades.

A total of 430,104 incidents were recorded in the year ending December 2023, marking a 37 per cent increase from the preceding 12 months—a concerning trend warranting concerted efforts in crime prevention and community safety initiatives.

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