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Solar Eclipse April 2024 and the Effects on All the Zodiac Signs – Times of India



A solar eclipse is a special astronomical phenomenon that occurs several times every year. According to astronomy and the International Astronomical Union, there are a total of eight main planets in the solar system that revolve around the Sun: Mars, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Every planet has satellites. The Moon is a satellite of Earth that continuously revolves around it.During the process of revolution, when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth while orbiting the Earth, it partially or completely covers the Sun’s light, a situation known as Surya Grahan.
The first solar eclipse of the year 2024 will take place on Monday, April 8, on the new moon day of the Chaitra month. According to Indian time, the solar eclipse will begin at 9:12 PM. The central time of the eclipse will be at midnight 11:47, and the maximum point of the solar eclipse will be at 2:22 AM on 9th April 2024. This eclipse will be a total solar eclipse and can be observed in North America, Mexico, the United States, Canada, and the North Atlantic Ocean. It will not have any effect in India, so Sutak will not be imposed.
This eclipse will occur in Revati Nakshatra in Pisces. It will have auspicious and inauspicious effects on all zodiac signs.
Aries – This solar eclipse may bring some negative situations for Aries natives. There are chances of financial loss and unnecessary expenditure. You may also become a victim of conspiracy. It is advisable to avoid opponents and arguments, as well as fast driving and crowded areas.
Taurus – This period could be positive for Taurus individuals. You may expect to relocate to a desired place and explore new sources of income. There’s a chance of recovering stuck money and hearing good news regarding children’s happiness for married individuals. Lovebirds may plan marriage, while students can consider higher education.
Gemini – Individuals of Gemini zodiac sign are likely to receive good news. There may be chances of job promotion and respect, along with financial benefits from office or government. Business owners might expect a significant order contributing to business growth.
Cancer – The time may be somewhat negative for Cancer natives. Success in work and projects will require hard work, and it’s advised to avoid arguments with friends and superiors. There may be disagreement with children, and attention might lean towards spirituality.
Leo – Time may bring negative aspects for Leo individuals. Main projects may face unexpected halts, and unnecessary arguments could lead to legal issues and fines. Insults and defeat by opponents are possible, so health should be taken care of.
Virgo – People of Virgo zodiac sign may encounter job and business issues, including discord with business partners. Ideological differences with life partners might pose difficulties in married life, urging control over harshness and frankness.
Libra – Time may favor Libra individuals with better job performance, potential promotion, control over enemies, increased honor, and worldly pleasures. Improvement in health, both physical and mental, is indicated.
Scorpio – Time may bring negative aspects for Scorpio individuals, advising against gambling, betting, and risky work projects. Mental confusion could arise, hence thorough contract reading is advised. Child’s health should be taken care of, and arguments with senior officials at the workplace should be avoided.
Sagittarius – Time may yield mixed results for Sagittarius individuals. Impatience may hinder project pace and success, leading to investment loss in movable and immovable property. Family disputes and lack of happiness are possible.
Capricorn – It may be an auspicious time for Capricorn individuals. Auspicious results from efforts and hard work are likely, along with blessings of a child and support from friends. Business network expansion and conquering opponents are indicated, along with gaining respect and prestige in social and family life, strengthening relations with superiors.
Aquarius – People of Aquarius zodiac sign may face opposition within the family and need to be cautious about financial matters. Patience in communication is advised, and delays or lack of respect in work might occur.
Pisces – Individuals of Pisces zodiac sign may experience a lack of self-confidence, making it challenging to make important decisions. Health-related problems and mental stress are likely, advising postponement of new projects for a few days.

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