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Schengen Visa fee hike: Your Europe trips to become costlier from today; details inside



Starting today, June 11, all those planning a Europe vacation will have to face higher costs as the European Union’s increased fees for Schengen visas (type C) come into effect. According to reports, the Slovenian Government announced that visa applications for adults seeking short stays will now have to pay €90, up from €80, marking a 12.5 percent increase. Meanwhile, applications for children aged 6 to 12 years will now be €45, up from €40. Read on to know more details.

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European Commission’s decision

The European Commission decided to raise short stay Schengen visa (type C) fees by 12 percent globally, effective June 11, 2024. The new fees are €90 for adults and €45 for children aged 6 to under 12, the Slovenian Government confirmed. Additionally, nationals from countries not cooperating on readmission and staying irregularly will face visa fees of €135 or €180.

Reasons cited for the increase

The Commission stated that the fee hike aims to offset inflation and rising salaries of member state employees. Fees are reviewed every three years, with the last adjustment made in February 2020. This change coincides with a 36.3 percent increase in visa applications in 2023 compared to 2022, although the numbers have not yet returned to the pre-COVID level of 16 million in 2019.

Schengen Visa fee hike: Your Europe trips to become costlier from today; details inside

New visa regime for India

In April, a new visa regime for India was introduced, allowing frequent Indian travellers access to multi-year visas valid for up to five years. Indian nationals can now receive long-term multi-entry Schengen visas valid for two years after obtaining and lawfully using two visas in the previous three years. During the visa’s validity, Indians can enter and exit Schengen countries multiple times without needing separate visas.

Countries that are covered by the Schengen Visa

The Schengen visa permits travel to 29 European countries, including Iceland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Malta, Hungary, the Netherlands, Romania, Austria, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Slovenia, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland.

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Breakdown of new Schengen Visa fees

Adults: €80 to €90 (INR 7,267 to INR 8,175)

Children: €40 to €45 (INR 3,633 to INR 4,087)

Cheap international destinations near India that offer easy visas

Cheap international destinations near India that offer easy visas


Schengen Visa area

The Schengen Area includes most EU member states, excluding Ireland and Cyprus, but covers Romania and Bulgaria for land borders, as well as non-EU countries like Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. A Schengen visa is required for non-EU citizens from countries like South Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and China for tourism or family visits, allowing stays up to 90 days within a six-month period. Travelers from the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia do not need a Schengen visa for short visits due to their entitlement to 90 days of visa-free travel in any 180-day period, but longer stays or work visits require different visas.

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