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‘Ritzy’ lakeside city has the ‘happiest’ people in Europe



Sat at the tip of Lake Zurich is the city of the same name, home to 1.83 people across its metropolitan area. According to studies, these are some of the happiest people in , with Zurich being named the most “livable city in 2023” with a .

is not a part of the , but that hasn’t stopped the locals of its capital city from being happy with their financial situation, jobs, public transport systems, health care services and air quality.

Politico states: “It’s also the best European city for LGBTQ+ people and older people. Just one thing, again: Only 11 percent of people agree that it is easy to find good housing at a reasonable price.”

But it’s not just local people who find Zurich so appealing, with the city scooping a Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award for 2024, being dubbed “best of the best”.

Tripadvisor described Zurich as a “ritzy Alpine city” which is “wealthy, tidy, and efficient”. The city is a major destination for contemporary art, nightlife and shopping – with plenty of high-end retailers calling the city home.

With the shimmering lake running alongside it and mountains towering in the distance, this is a picturesque destination, perfect for a spring trip. The Old Town is perfect for walks, where you will find beautiful guild houses, historic squares and stunning churches.

The Niederdorf is a tiny part of the Old Town affectionately known by locals as the Dörfli or “little village”. It is known for its medieval streets and squares, cathedrals like the Romanesque Grossmünster, and Limmatquai promenade, with views of Lake Zurich.

Or head to Zurich West, originally a run-down area littered with abandoned warehouses, which has been transformed into an alternative heart of the city, with a stretch of trendy shops and restaurants having been built into the Viadukt.

The bars and restaurants attract a busy crowd in the evening, and you might be lucky enough to stumble upon a concert or event at night.

The Kunsthaus is the largest art museum in Switzerland, bringing together more than 800 years of art history. The collections range from the Middle Ages to more contemporary pieces, including paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, videos and digital works.

Badis are also considered one of the main attractions in Zurich. These open-air public baths are a major part of daily life for locals with Strandbad Mythenquai being the most popular.

One of the most aesthetically pleasing badis is the art deco Frauenbad Stadthausquai, and the oldest in Zurich is the Männerbad Schanzengraben.

Though Zurich is happy, the cost of living is high compared with other destinations. A single person’s estimated monthly costs, according to financial aggregator Numbeo, are £1,402.40 (1,602.5Fr.) without rent.

Rent in Zurich is, on average, 138 percent higher than in big cities in the UK, such as Liverpool.

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