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Riskline partners with Travlr ID to provide ‘real-time’ risk assessment



Travel risk specialist Riskline has partnered with traveller identity network Travlr ID, named among BTN Europe’s 2024 Hotlist and winner of the BTN Group’s Innovation Faceoff last summer, in an effort to improve traveller safety.

The partnership will enable real-time risk intelligence to be integrated into Travlr ID’s network of blockchain-based decentralised profiles – where users to have ‘full control’ of their data and decide which suppliers can access their information – and will allow travellers to receive immediate, location-specific alerts and advisories, according to the companies.

The new solution will be ‘rolled out in phases’, the companies said in a statement, with initial features focusing on integrated risk intelligence and emergency communication services. This will be followed by the introduction of personalised risk management plans and secure, decentralised document storage solutions.

As the collaboration evolves, the companies said they will continue to ‘work towards improvements’ and offer tools that respond to the changing needs of travellers and the wider industry.

Riskline CEO, Kennet Nordlien, said the collaboration signifies a “critical step towards proactive risk management” in a world where travel risks “are increasingly dynamic and complex”.

Travlr ID CEO, Gee Mann, added: “By combining our decentralised identity technology with Riskline’s risk intelligence, we can offer a level of personalisation and security that was previously unimaginable.

“Our vision is to empower travellers with the information and tools they need to navigate the complexities of modern travel safely. This partnership is a giant leap forward in making that vision a reality,” he said.

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