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Portugal home to top 10 best coffee shops in Europe



According to Big 7 Travel, “We’ve been scouring Europe for the top coffee shops all year, gathering suggestions from our audience and the Big 7 Travel editorial team. And, just like the ever-changing coffee scene, this year’s list features some new and innovative cafes.”

In order to determine the rankings, the travel site used a comprehensive set of criteria which included: coffee quality and variety of offerings, atmosphere and overall customer experience, sustainability and ethical sourcing practices, unique menu items and food pairings, and finally, barista expertise and customer service.

The annual list reveals that Majestic Cafe in Porto was named The 9th Best Coffee Shop in Europe.

Majestic Cafe in Porto

“Dine like a VIP at this opulent cafe that takes its style inspiration from the Belle Epoque era– think 18th-century opulence with art nouveau elements. It’s not just the decor that’s VIP here though, it’s the coffee too. On the menu, try some coffee, tea, or Portuguese bakery items, as well as wines and an extensive lunch menu. There really is something for everyone here.”

The Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Europe

In first place ranks Gran Caffee Gambrinus in Naples, Italy, followed by Caravan Coffee Roasters in London, United Kingdom, then Drop Coffee in Stockholm in Sweden, Ozone Coffee Roasters in London comes in fourth place, United Kingdom, Coffeewerk + Press in Galway, Ireland takes fifth position, The Barn in Berlin, Germany ranks sixth, Good Life Coffee Roasters in Helsinki, Finland comes in seventh place, followed by Toma Café in Madrid, Spain in eighth place, Majestic Café in Porto in 9th and finally in 10th place is Tim Wendelboe in Oslo, Norway.

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