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Paul Pierce says that “Nobody considers European players tough”



By Eurohoops team /

Paul Pierce isn’t surely new to controversial takes, but what the former Boston Celtics small forward said in Undisputed may have reached another level of debate.

The 46-year-old anaylist said that “in the NBA nobody considers the European players tough, especially from France”, adding that “they’re nice people, they like pastries, they’re friendly”.

He didn’t stop there, adding even more controversial quotes on Victor Wembanyama and Rudy Gobert. “That’s my perception of Wemby, he’s not a tough guy. He speaks a sexy language, that’s not something we respect as a tough guy”, he said about the No.1 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

Finally, moving on to Minnesota’s center, he recalled an episode that occurred in mid-November 2023. “And then I see a guy like Rudy Gobert get chocked by Draymond [Green]”, he first said. “You’re a Defensive Player of the Year but that’s not intimidating nobody”, he pointed at the French center.

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