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Nineball Pool: Efren Reyes Cup announced as Asia and Europe battle for pool supremacy



In a simialr format to the Mosconi Cup, the event will see Asia’s finest players take on Team Europe in the inaugural showdown on October 17th-20th.

The inaugural Reyes Cup will be held in Manila, capital of the Philippines, in honour of pool’s greatest player and tournament namesake, Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes.

A world champion and US Open Pool Championship winner, Reyes is widely regarded as the sport’s greatest-ever player, serving as inspiration for millions of pool fans across the globe.

Partnering with Francisco Bustamante to form an all-time dream partnership, the Magician also won the World Cup of Pool for the Philippines in 2009.

The tournament will follow in the footsteps of the four-day team format of the prestigious Mosconi Cup, which celebrated its 30th anniversary at Alexandra Palace, London last December.

Team Asia will be represented by the top-three ranked players from the World Nineball Rankings one-year list, with two additional wildcards selected by Team Asia captain.

Aloysius Yapp of Singapore currently tops the Race to the Reyes Cup for Team Asia after winning the International Open last October, with Mosconi Cup stalwart David Alcaide leading the charge for Team Europe.

Cut-offs for qualification for the Reyes Cup will occur in three stages, with one player announced for each team following the World Pool Championship in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the European Open in Fulda, Germany and the US Open Pool Championship in Atlantic City, USA. This will be in effect for both Team Asia and Team Europe with player rankings taken from the 2024 one-year list. 

Mr Efren “Bata” Reyes said: “I am truly humbled and honored that Matchroom has chosen to name this prestigious event after me.

“The Efren Reyes Cup is not just a tournament; it’s a celebration of the sport we love, and I am excited to see the pool community come together for its first edition in the Philippines.”

Matchroom Multi Sport CEO Emily Frazer added: “The Reyes Cup sees a dream become a reality. Thanks to our partners at Sky Sports, the 30-year success of the Mosconi Cup has paved the way to deliver this format to a global audience.

“Given the storied history the Philippines has on the sport, it is only right that we honour Efren in his home country. It was a privilege to welcome him and dear friend Putch Puyat to the Hanoi Open last year.

“Efren’s passion for the sport has been unwavering for over 50 years, he is the perfect figurehead for this tournament and our sport. I couldn’t be more delighted than to be working alongside such a legend and organisation in Puyat Sports.”

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