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New EU Law to Catalyze Growth in Domestic Green Technology Sector



The EU’s wind sector is relatively strong compared to solar, but the NZIA aims to further strengthen the EU’s position in this sector as well. In recent years, Europe’s wind turbine manufacturers have shown resilience and innovation in the face of increasing competition from China. By promoting domestic production and creating an environment conducive to R&D, the EU will continue to lead the world in the wind energy market.

Looking ahead, the NZIA’s success will depend on the successful implementation and partnership between policymakers, industry stakeholders and civil society. Achieving a carbon neutral economy will require a multi-pronged approach, including investment in R&D, infrastructure and workforce development. It will also require strong international engagement to tackle global issues such as climate and energy security.

To sum up, the adoption of the Net Zero Industry Act marks a major step forward in the EU’s fight against climate change and the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy. By setting ambitious objectives for domestic green technology development and supporting sustainability and supply chain resiliency, the EU is positioning itself as a world-leading provider of renewable energy technology. However, achieving these objectives will require continued engagement and cooperation from all stakeholders.

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