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NBA free agents on a potential path to Europe



By Johnny Askounis/

Promising prospects or experienced European stars moving their talents to the NBA is normally the case. Those players gather most of the attention, expanding their respective careers to the league based in North America and reducing the talent level in the Old Continent, especially over recent years. However, the opposite route is often the case for seldom-used players seeking an immediate upgrade, resurfacing in a familiar environment.

On the latter, Eurohoops presents ten NBA free agents who could be on their way to Europe this summer. Many top clubs seeking upgrades make the list intriguing for fans, to say the least.

It is more than likely that offseason rumors will link even more NBA players, household names in Europe, to various teams based on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Anyway, considering this list of free agents, a hot summer market is the forecast.

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