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NATO military exercise in Europe | Info – Breaking Latest News



The first warships of NATO allies headed for Europe.

Izvor: YouTube/screenshot/MILITARY TUBE TODAY

NATO has sent the first ships from North America to Europe for the largest military exercises in the last few decades, writes the German agency DPA. According to the Federal Command for Europe, the American amphibious assault ship “Gunston Hall” left the port in Norfolk today in Virginia and headed for Europe.

A Canadian frigate will also soon set sail from Halifax for Europe. About 90,000 soldiers will take part in a large military exercise called “Steadfast Defender”, which will last until the end of May. The Alliance command in the Belgian city of Mons announced that the first major exercise will begin on February 11. According to information received by the DPA agency, a scenario for a military exercise there will be a Russian attack on allied territory.

The largest NATO exercises since the end of the Cold War were held in 2018, mainly in Norway, and about 51,000 soldiers participated in them. The last alliance maneuvers larger than those expected this year were organized before the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.


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