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Myprotein Announces European HYROX Partnership – Muscle & Fitness



Myprotein has announced that the fitness and supplementation brand has become an official nutrition partner of HYROX; the growing sport of fitness racing. The collaboration will provide nutrition for competitors in the European heats throughout the 2022-23 season. HYROX itself is expanding to offer races in more than 29 countries.

What is HYROX?

The HYROX ethos is to promote healthy forms of training that is accessible to all and is connected to its global audience. With more than 175,000 athletes expected to participate in HYROX during the 2023-24 season, the concept is to combine traditional endurance exercises with natural movements in order to test “every facet” of fitness and strength. Recently, M&F stepped into a HYROX inspired without with Adam Collard, and we soon found out that it’s a great way to tax both body and mind. At it’s core, HYROX could be described as “Fitness Racing.”

Official HYROX competitions begin with a 1km run, followed by a functional workout station. This pairing is repeated 8 times. It’s a format that is consistent across the globe, allowing for global HYROX leaderboards and cumulative world championship titles awarded at the end of every season. Anyone can enter a HYROX race, whether you are already an elite athlete, or hoping to take your training to the next level. With the popularity of HYROX on the up, it makes sense that sponsors are entering the arena to help power-up this exciting sport.

What does the Myprotein partnership mean for HYROX?

“This partnership with Myprotein further solidifies HYROX’s commitment to enriching the HYROX lifestyle,” says founder, Christian Toetzke. “Ensuring our community is fuelled not only for race day, but encouraging a holistic approach to wellness with Myprotein nutrition solutions. I look forward to seeing this partnership grow.”

In recent years, Myprotein says it has been actively searching for partners who share the concepts of empowerment through fitness, helping to promote healthy and transformative

lifestyles. “We are thrilled to be partnering with a brand whose values closely align with our own,” says Niel Mistry, the CEO of Myprotein parent company THG Nutrition. “HYROX is a major player in the sports world, with their popularity continuing to grow, so this feels like a perfect time for us to collaborate, and an imperative step in our mission to become ethe world’s most empowering movement.”

How can I find a HYROX race near me?

With HYROX competitions taking place all over the world, those who wish to participate can log on to and get involved.

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