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Meta to train AI models on user content in Europe



Facebook and Instagram owner Meta is to start using social media content from Europe to train its generative AI models, the company has announced.

Meta will train its Llama large language models using content that people in the EU have chosen to share publicly on its platforms, it said in a blog post yesterday.

The shift appears to bring the company’s approach in Europe roughly in line with how it treats the data it feeds into its AI models from elsewhere around the world, despite earlier caution due to stringent EU privacy and transparency regulations.

Advocacy group NYOB (none of your business) has filed complaints challenging the move in countries across Europe, saying the notifications were insufficient as EU privacy rules required Meta to obtain opt-in consent from users.

Over in the US, the Supreme Court is to consider killing a multibillion dollar shareholder lawsuit against Meta which accuses the social media giant of misleading investors about the Cambridge Analytica data-harvesting scandal. 

The court said it would decide whether a federal appeals court was wrong to let the lawsuit go forward based on allegations that the company, then known as Facebook, inflated share prices by inadequately disclosing the risk that its user data would be misused.


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