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Map reveals measles hotspots after outbreaks across Europe



Vaccine warning to all parents after measles cases (Provider: Getty/Datawrapper/

Measles cases have seen a rise across Europe just months before the peak holiday season.

And countries across the English Channel are among the top of the list for new cases of the highly infectious viral illness.

UK holidaymakers’ favourite France saw the fourth most cases in April alone, with 71 cases of the virus.

While there is never a good time for the virus, a spike in cases comes at a particularly awkward time in France with less than two months to go until the Olympics kick-off.

Measles rash (Picture: Povorozniuk Liudmyla/Getty Images)

Measles can cause serious problems for young children in particular, and it can even be deadly or cause serious complications like blindness and pneumonia.

Worst affected countries

The worst affected country is Romania, where 957 cases were recorded this spring.

Poland and Belgium saw 84 and 76 measles cases respectively.

In total, there were 1,293 cases across the continent in April – an increase by more than 1,000 cases a year ago.

Other holiday favourites have recorded a number of cases, data by the European Centre for Disease Prevention (ECDP) shows.

It sparked a warning to all parents to sort out vaccinations to avoid ruined holidays.

Helen Bedford, professor of children’s health at University College London, told The Sun: ‘The only way to protect yourself and your children against measles is by vaccination.’

Dr Hans Henri P.Kluge, regional director for Europe at the World Health Organisation, said that even ‘one case of measles should be an urgent call to action.’

Measles spreads through breathing, coughs and sneezes (Picture: Natalya Maisheva/Getty Images)

‘No one should suffer the consequences of this devastating but easily preventable disease. I applaud every country that has accelerated their efforts to interrupt transmission through catch-up vaccination.’

Here is a list of all the countries and the number of cases in April.

Austria – 43

Belgium – 76

Bulgaria – N/A

Croatia – 2

Cyprus – 5

Czechia – N/A

Denmark – 3

Estonia – 1

Finland – N/A

France – 71

Germany – N/A

Greece – 3

Hungary – 2

Iceland – N/A

Ireland – 9

Italy – N/A

Latvia – 0

Liechtenstein – 0

Lithuania – 5

Luxembourg – 0

Malta – 0

Netherlands – 12

Norway – N/A

Poland – 84

Portugal – 7

Romania – 957

Slovakia – N/A

Slovenia – 0

Spain – 8

Sweden 5

Measles cases have also spiked in London recently.

Parents in the capital were urged to vaccinate their children after more than 74 cases in April alone, according to the UK Health Security Agency.

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