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‘I love travel and I think these are Europe’s most underrated destinations’



Are you looking to avoid crowds on a holiday? For, I’ve chosen some of my favourite and underrated European destinations.

Whether you’re searching for a quieter city break or a budget beach destination, there’s plenty of lesser-visited spots to explore.

While I wouldn’t describe any of these destinations as hidden gems, they’re bound to be less crowded than popular spots such as Barcelona and Paris.

Have you got a favourite underrated European destination? Share it with in the comment section.

If you’re looking to really get off-the-beaten track, take a look at some of Spain’s least searched-for cities.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is usually further down the holiday bucket list than Munich or Berlin, but the northern Germany city has plenty to offer.

I loved the city’s atmospheric Speicherstadt warehouse district and the views from St Michael’s Church. While Hamburg is one of Europe’s rainier cities, its Minatur Wunderland Museum is the ideal spot for a wet weekend.

Get up early to see the city’s fish market at its best or indulge in traditional currywurst or seafood stew.

Montpellier, France

A beautiful city in southern France, Montpellier doesn’t get as many visitors as fashionable Nice or Cannes.

However, the city’s beautiful old town really takes some beating and there’s a cafe on every narrow alley or square. The beach is also easily reached from the city centre or while away a shady afternoon at the city’s botanic garden.

I also found that Montpellier was much cheaper than other southern French destinations as it’s a big student city. There are plenty of bargains to be found on drinks and food if you keep an eye out.


Hardly a hidden gem anymore, but there’s still time to head to Albania before the crowds truly arrive. I loved the beaches at Ksamil and thought they were much cleaner than those in neighbouring Corfu.

While Albania’s southern beach resorts are more expensive than its capital Tirana, the restaurants still have many more bargains than similar spots in Greece or Spain.

You can also see some history while you’re there with incredible Roman ruins on display at Butrint National Park.

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