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HashiCorp brings The Infrastructure Cloud to Europe and expands Infrastructure and Security Lifecycle Management capabilities



LONDON, June 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HashiCorp, Inc. (NASDAQ: HCP), The Infrastructure Cloud™ company, today announced at HashiDays London a European expansion of the HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP), starting with HCP Terraform®. The European expansion of HCP — a unification of HashiCorp’s products onto a single platform — along with enhancements across HashiCorp’s solutions for Infrastructure and Security Lifecycle Management, bring together The Infrastructure Cloud to unlock developer potential while controlling cloud costs and risk for customers across the globe.

HashiCorp’s forthcoming 2024 State of Cloud Strategy Survey indicates that only 8% of respondents have attained high operational maturity in the cloud, and 60% are experiencing a shortage of skilled staff. When enterprises reach operational maturity and find the skilled talent needed to implement platform teams, they can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and prevent security and compliance risks. To help enterprises build successful cloud programs, HashiCorp is delivering a unified cloud platform and systematic approach to Infrastructure and Security Lifecycle Management.

“I’m pleased to unify our cloud offerings through the HashiCorp Cloud Platform. With our expansion into Europe, starting with HCP Terraform, we’re continuing to bring new capabilities to help our customers manage the full lifecycle of infrastructure and security in the cloud,” said Armon Dadgar, CTO and Co-Founder at HashiCorp. “HCP provides organizations with the critical tools they need to effectively run centralized platform teams and realize the benefits of increased cloud maturity. Our upcoming State of Cloud Strategy Survey shows that most cloud-mature respondents have standardized platform teams throughout their organization, and many other organizations are looking for help getting started. With these announcements, HashiCorp is well positioned to be their partner for operating in the cloud successfully.”

Customer success highlights at HashiDays
HashiDays is an opportunity to showcase HashiCorp customers and the value The Infrastructure Cloud brings to their cloud programs and businesses.

  • Lloyds Bank, a British retail and commercial bank speaking at HashiDays London, is one of the adopters of HashiCorp Terraform Enterprise and HCP Terraform.
  • Lufthansa Systems, which serves as the partner for digitalization within the Lufthansa Group and its 350 worldwide airline customers, is speaking at HashiDays Munich. They transitioned from on-premises datacenters to a multi-cloud strategy using primarily Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. By leveraging HashiCorp products like HCP Terraform, Lufthansa Systems standardized and automated cloud migrations and application rollouts, significantly enhancing efficiency and enabling rapid deployment of environments.

HashiCorp Cloud Platform
HCP is a unified SaaS platform for running HashiCorp products. HashiDays announcements include:

  • HCP in Europe HCP is coming to the European region, hosted on datacenters in Ireland and Germany, starting with HCP Terraform. HCP in Europe adds local data residency to meet security and compliance requirements, improved service performance for local applications, and reduced operational costs for platform teams.
  • HCP Terraform – Formerly known as Terraform Cloud, HCP Terraform has been added to HCP to deliver an integrated product experience across the HashiCorp portfolio.
  • HCP Vagrant™ – HashiCorp Vagrant Cloud has moved to HCP as the HCP Vagrant Registry, with new functionality, including a refreshed UI and enhanced search capabilities.

Infrastructure Lifecycle Management
Infrastructure Lifecycle Management provides infrastructure as code workflows and capabilities to build, deploy, and manage the lifecycle of infrastructure. HashiDays announcements include:

  • HCP Terraform Agent enhancements – Enhanced agents in HCP Terraform enable customers to leverage a cloud-delivered experience while networking with private datacenter resources such as private version control systems, policy enforcement endpoints, and more.
  • HCP Terraform Explorer enhancements – Enhancements to HCP Terraform Explorer improve customer visibility into their managed resources, including through refined search filters for more precise reporting and a fully documented API to support custom workflows.
  • Terraform provider-defined functions – Providers can now implement custom functions from the Terraform configuration, making the Terraform engine more flexible and powerful.
  • AWS Cloud Control provider for Terraform – Integrating Terraform with AWS Cloud Control API lets developers use new AWS features and services as soon as they’re available in the Cloud Control API.
  • HCP Waypoint actions – Allows customers to support application teams in executing essential Day 2 operations such as builds, deployments, promotions, rollbacks, and schema migrations.
  • HCP Packer™ webhooks – Provides users with a workflow to implement automation when interacting with the HashiCorp Cloud Platform for image lifecycle events.
  • HCP Packer metadata visibility enhancements – Users can now see which version of HashiCorp Packer Community Edition or plugins were used for each of their artifacts directly in the HashiCorp Cloud Platform, setting the foundation for a secure build pipeline.

Security Lifecycle Management
Security Lifecycle Management provides identity-based security workflows and capabilities to protect, inspect, and connect the lifecycle of sensitive data. HashiDays announcements include:

  • HCP Vault Radar with Vault correlation – Organizations can identify if secrets found in source code and other applications were ever stored in Vault™, enhancing accuracy and risk prioritization compared to methods that only use data dictionaries and pattern-matching.
  • HCP Vault Radar for Confluence and Jira – Security teams can scan Confluence and Jira (beta) to detect unmanaged and plaintext secrets for developer tools beyond code repositories.
  • HCP Vault Secrets auto-rotation – Organizations can reduce the risk associated with long-lived credentials by automatically rotating secrets, starting with integrations for MongoDB and Twilio.
  • Vault Workload Identity Federation for AWS, GCP, and Azure – Allows Vault-minted identity tokens to be exchanged for credentials from external systems, enabling secure, secretless configuration for Vault plugins.
  • Vault secrets sync for cloud providers – Facilitates centralized management, governance, and control of secrets for multiple external secret managers including AWS, GCP, and Azure.
  • Vault Secrets Operator for Kubernetes updates – Vault Secrets Operator includes support for OpenShift. Coming soon in Vault 1.17, organizations can instantly sync any changes made in Vault to Kubernetes including revocation and rotation of secrets.
  • Boundary™ 0.16 – Offers flexible session recording storage in the cloud or on-premises with MinIO, simplified target connections using custom resource aliases, and improved admin search and filtering capabilities.

About HashiDays
HashiDays is taking place in the first two weeks of June 2024 in London, Munich, and Sydney. During the multi-city event, attendees will hear from community members, partners, and customers about the latest advances in HashiCorp’s cloud infrastructure products.

For more information, please visit the HashiCorp blog:

About HashiCorp
HashiCorp is The Infrastructure Cloud™ company, helping organizations automate multi-cloud and hybrid environments with Infrastructure Lifecycle Management and Security Lifecycle Management. HashiCorp offers The Infrastructure Cloud on the HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP) for managed cloud services, as well as self-hosted enterprise offerings and community source-available products. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit

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