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Ghana-Europe summit to strengthen business relations and trade flows



The Ghana-Europe Tourism and Investment Summit (GHETIS) 2024 organised under the auspices of the Ghana Embassy in France, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, among others, aimed to strengthen relations and trade flows between Ghanaian and French/European businesses.

The event held from March 5th to 10th, brought together key stakeholders and personalities from Ghana and Europe to promote Ghana’s tourism sector and explore investment opportunities.

Under the theme “A Special Invitation to Golden Ghana: Opportunities for Investment in the Tourism Sector,” the summit featured presentations, discussions, and cultural exhibitions showcasing Ghana’s rich cultural heritage.

Key personalities, including Ghana’s Ambassador to France, Anna Bossman, Stephen Amoah, Deputy Trade and Industry Minister, Deputy Tourism Minister, Mark Okraku Mantey, and Notse Prof. Nii Nortey Owuo IV, Ga Mantse, graced the occasion with insightful presentations and inputs.

In addition, the Director of Deroyal International Travel and Tour, Kwabena Otu participated in the summit

The event highlighted the potential rewards and benefits of participating in the summit, including promoting Ghana’s tourism sector, targeting the African diaspora in France (Europe) seeking to visit, invest, or relocate to Ghana, and facilitating technology transfer, knowledge sharing, and capacity-building exercises.

The summit also featured panel discussions on “Ghana’s Positioning on the Global Stage: Tourism as a Springboard for Economic Development” and “Leveraging Diaspora Investment as a Tool for Nation Building.”

The summit provided a platform for stakeholders to explore investment opportunities, promote cultural exchange, and strengthen economic ties between Ghana and Europe.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mark Okraku Mante was the keynote Speaker for the session among other presentations from Hon. Stephen Amoah on the topic “Opportunities in the Tourism sector” and that from HRM Notse Prof. Nii Nortey Owuo IV who emphasised the essence of the program as a platform to draw investors from Europe to Ghana especially in the area of tourism promotion and development.

He explained the potential rewards and benefits a country stands to accrue from participating under such a summit.

The Ga Mantse highlighted the significance of the Oxford Street In Osu and why it attracts a lot of people especially those in the diaspora. He emphasised the rich culture of the Ga people and its contribution to attracting foreign investment into Ghana.

The Ghana-Europe Tourism and Investment Summit is a tourism conference that seeks to promote Ghana’s tourism sector and other viable sectors of the economy for investment. This year’s conference targeted sector-based organisations, including hospitality, manufacturing, construction, real estate, creative arts, agro-business, energy, healthcare, and fintech.

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