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Gambling in Europe – popularity, laws and how they differ – Daily News Hungary



Gambling, though not without its drawbacks, is one of the most efficient and fun ways to acquire some extra money. When done smartly, we can get our hands on quite large amounts of cash. Millions of people gamble every single day across the globe: here is how you can become one of them in Europe. In this article, we are examining the continent’s gambling laws and how they differ in the major countries.

If you plan on gambling in Europe but don’t know how and where to start, you’ve come to the right place. There are as many gambling regulations as there are countries, so we will try to summarise the most important laws concerning this kind of games in some of the major European countries below.

  1. Gambling in Ireland

If you’re a resident of the country, the casinos available in Ireland offer unlimited fun, no matter what style of games you prefer. Every single casino on the list of Lee James Gwilliam is safe: they are all licenced and regulated by a legitimate gambling regulator. Thus, you can be sure that your money is in great hands, you just have to go all out and win big. Of course, only if you are at least 18 years of age: that is the legal age to gamble in the country.

To see just how popular gambling is in Ireland, let’s take a look at the article of The Journal, a trustworthy Irish online newspaper: according to data collected in August 2023, three-quarters of adults in Ireland spent money on at least one form of gambling in the month before the survey. The third of them did so online.

  1. Gambling in Germany

In Germany, the gambling regulation is quite new. The 2021 Interstate Treaty on Gambling created a comprehensive online betting and gaming market in the country for the first time, iGB writes. This means that this treaty has only allowed private operators to apply for licenses in 2021, a mere 3 years ago. Nonetheless, it is perfectly legal to gamble in Germany. Of course, the country does tax gambling winnings: the amended Race Betting and Lotteries Act of 2021 introduced a 5.3% tax on stakes for sports and horse race betting, virtual slot games and online poker, informs.

How popular is gambling in Germany? According to the 2021 data of “The Gambling Atlas”, 30% of German adults gamble.

  1. Gambling in France

As for the regulation of the gambling scene in France, there are two main bodies responsible: PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain) and (FDJ) Française des Jeux. The former is concerned with horse racing, while the latter is in charge of betting games and lotteries. What is interesting, is that even though roulette was invented in France, it cannot be played online in the country. The same goes for online slots and other popular online casino games of chance. The reason is that “they were all deemed too addictive by lawmakers”, the site warns.

The average French gambler spends USD 300 on online gambling annually. Did you know that lottery is the most popular form of online gambling in the country? According to statistics, 65% of gamblers participated in it in 2019.

  1. Gambling in Slovakia

Also in Slovakia, gambling is a well-regulated activity, with the Gambling Regulatory Authority being the responsible body. As far as the new Gambling Act is concerned, it’s quite new: it was passed in 2022 and came into force in the beginning of 2023. Thanks to the new Gambling Act of Slovakia, the market is no longer monopolised, and licenced private operators can offer online gambling in the country.

According to Statista, a German platfom specialised in data gathering and visualisation, Slovakia’s online casino market is experiencing a surge in popularity. More and more people have been seeking this kind of entertainment, which is also convenient since it can be done from the comfort of their homes.

  1. Gambling in the UK

Thanks to the Gambling Act of 2005, it is perfectly legal for UK citizens to gamble. The gamblers in the United Kingdom “love betting on everything from sports to casino games”. If you’re a UK citizen and considering gambling, you’re lucky, as now it’s easier than ever to play online owing to a large variety of legal online casinos and sportsbooks.

UK citizens are quite fond of gambling: according to the 2021 Health Survey for England, 50% of adults had participated in a gambling activity in the last 12 months. However, online gambling was a bit less popular, with only 10% of adults participating in any online gambling excluding National Lottery and other lotteries.

  1. Gambling in the Czech Republic

Online gambling is a regulated activity in Czechia, with internet games being regulated under the Gambling Act. According to, all regulated forms of gambling can be offered online, with the exception of tombola and small card tournaments.

A large number of Czech Republic citizens gamble often. As reported by Statista, “Czechia has a strong gambling culture, with a significant portion of the population participating in various forms of gambling”. However, shifting to the online sphere is considerable in the country: customers increasingly prefer gambling online nowadays.

Overall in Europe, in most places, the legal age to participate in online gambling is 18; however, you should definitely make sure you are of legal age according to your own country’s laws. If you’ve ticked the age box, you’re free to check out the countless opportunities the gambling market offers and go make a bet!

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