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Fedriga, Albania gateway to Balkans, Trieste gateway to Europe – Business –



“Trieste can represent for Albania
the outlet to Europe and Albania can represent for our markets
the outlet to the whole Balkan area. That is why as institutions
we have decided together with the Albanian government to start a
fruitful cooperation to foster mutual investments.” This was
announced by the president of the Fvg Region, Massimiliano
Fedriga, at the end of a series of meetings with Albanian Prime
Minister Edi Rama and some ministers of the Albanian government,
in Tirana. Fedriga referred to new connections and relations
between the Trieste airport and those in Albania. But the
purpose of the mission started today by the Fvg governor is not
only about ports but about all kinds of “opportunities from the
business point of view and from the investment point of view,”
Fedriga specified. “In the meetings we had today we are working
to strengthen cooperation between Friuli Venezia Giulia and
Albania, and there are many opportunities.”
The governor is convinced that Albania can be an interesting
country “for all those near-shoring activities that have become
fundamental given the new global context where tensions,
especially between Western democracies and the Far East, risk
putting our production system in crisis or otherwise affecting
it.” For this reason, too, therefore, Fgv “cannot but look to
the Balkan area and Albania, a friendly country, to develop new
oportunities for development, for the security of our production
system,” he concluded.



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