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Everyone is saying the same thing about Europe’s skinniest building



In big cities, space always comes at a premium.

So it’s perhaps little wonder that throughout modern history clever architects have tried to make the very best use of space in cosmopolitan centres.

But this skinny property – Europe’s thinnest – really does take that ethos to extremes.

La Estrecha – which translates to Narrow One – is located in Valencia, Spain, and it holds the record for the narrowest façade in Europe. 

It measures a teeny tiny 107 centimetres – 42 inches – wide and is in the city’s Plaza Lope de Vega.

There isn’t an abundance of information about the property but it was originally built as a family home. 

Each of its five floors was made up of a single room – including a small dining area and bedrooms – and the ground floor served as a family-run jewellery shop. They were all joined by a spiral staircase. 

In the 1980s an indoor refurbishment led to the removal of an inner wall – so technically the former house is now part of the restaurant in the adjacent building. 

However, the five-story building has preserved its facade so it still looks like a totally different property.

Now visitors are all saying it’s one of the must-do things to visit if you’re heading to the famous Spanish city.

One TikToker – Claire – explained more on her channel @condimentclaire.

She said: “I flew all the way across Europe to see this and my goodness we got here this morning and it was one of our first stops. Just have a look at this! This is the world’s, well Europe’s, skinniest building.”

She added: “Yes this was one of the top sites to see in Valencia when we Googled.”

Others who have visited the quirky site agree that people should call by and take a look – and shared their thoughts on travel review site Tripadvisor.

One said: “Vibrant colours decorate buildings in this lovely space. It has shops, cafes and the great Santa Catalina Church.

“Its most distinctive sight is what holds the title of narrowest house in Europe. Known as The Narrow One in English.

“At just over a meter and with six floors including the ground one it was originally a family home.”

Another said: “I lingered on this little square on a couple of my walks around the old city. It has a lot of atmosphere and charm and you can find a cafe where you can sit and sip.”

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