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Eurostar launches new ‘unified’ classes of travel



International train operator Eurostar Group has launched three “unified” classes of travel across all services following its merger with Thalys.

Eurostar has already rebranded Thalys’ services under its own name, as well as launching a new website, app and rewards programme in October.

The next step in this process sees Eurostar unveil three travel classes for all journeys across its network in the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. The new classes are called Eurostar Standard, Eurostar Plus and Eurostar Premier, and opened for bookings on Tuesday (23 April) for train journeys from 4 November onwards.

The most basic fare, Eurostar Standard, does not include any food or drink with passengers able to buy items from Eurostar’s onboard café.

Eurostar Plus includes more comfortable seats and extra workspace, as well as a light meal and onboard drinks service on its cross-channel routes. This service is currently known as Standard Premier on cross-channel services and Comfort on continental journeys.

Meanwhile Eurostar Premier includes more flexibility, an all-day boarding guarantee, lounge access, meal service and a dedicated priority lane on services to and from the UK. This product is currently known as Business Premier on cross-Channel trains and Premium on continental routes.

Eurostar will continue to offer services such as free WiFi, charging points at every seat, and no luggage or seat booking fees across all three classes of travel.

The company added that it was offering more post-booking flexibility, such as allowing passengers travelling in Eurostar Standard and Eurostar Plus to change their ticket without any fee up to one hour before departure. These new after-sales changes apply from 23 April.

Meanwhile those booking Eurostar Premier can change their ticket or get a refund with no fee up to two days after their departure date. This applies to journeys from 4 November onwards.

Matthieu Quyollet, Eurostar’s chief business development and integration officer, said: “Eurostar is setting new standards for international travel by providing the greatest flexibility, clarity and comfort to customers looking to enjoy Europe in the most sustainable way.

“The new after-sales policy across all of Eurostar’s travel classes means that all customers can now take advantage of more flexibility and choice than ever before and enjoy a unique travel experience.”

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