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Europe’s unsung heroes feature amazing views and a rich culture without crowds



The leading travel search engine KAYAK has shared a range of European holiday destinations that can offer an unforgettable break without large crowds and inflated prices.

Whilst there are many highly-regarded tourist hotspots, very few travellers want to spend their time abroad with thousands of other holidaymakers.

Rachel Mumford, Travel Expert at KAYAK, suggested that considering these lesser-known spots can help tourists discover a destination that they can fall in love with.

She explained: “While we see travellers still seeking out popular tourist hotspots this summer, our data suggests that there’s also an increasing desire for Brits to be more adventurous in their searches.

“This means exploring lesser-visited cities in familiar countries. Whether it’s the allure of quieter areas, saving some cash, or craving for more authentic local experiences, these ‘unsung heroes’ can offer travellers comparable experiences to their more popular counterparts.”

The company suggested that one of Europe’s unsung hero destinations is Tivat, a small town on the coast of Montenegro.

According to KAYAK, the city received a 74 percent increase in flight searches between 2023 and 2024, with many seeing it as a cheaper alternative to Croatia.

During their time in the town, visitors to Tivat can take a speedboat tour into the nearby Blue Cave, allowing them to swim in the clear, turquoise seas and look out for dolphins.

Another incredibly quiet European destination that KAYAK urged tourists to consider is the French town of Béziers, calling the city one of the country’s best “hidden gems”.

With flights typically costing £204, the company found that a trip to Béziers is around £50 cheaper to visit than other French destinations, but still has plenty of history and culture.

Perhaps the most distinctive part of the city is Cathédrale Saint-Nazaire de Béziers, a large Gothic church that was built in 1209.

Finally, KAYAK suggested that tourists who are not particularly interested in sunny beach holidays but still want to learn about another culture should consider visiting Salzburg in Austria.

Despite not having the warmest climate, the company found that the city has beautiful baroque architecture, which is nicely contrasted by the city’s mountainous surroundings.

The birthplace of Mozart, visitors to Salzburg can visit the famous composer’s birthplace, which features plenty of musical instruments he used.

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