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Europe’s top 10 cities for culture laid bare – as UK brutally snubbed from list



No British cities have featured in the top 10 of European cultural capitals, in a huge snub to the UK.

The new study, carried out by global luggage storage provider Stasher, analysed data on cultural locations in 131 European cities with a population of over 325,000.

The researchers then considered the following factors: Points of cultural and artistic interest, live performance spaces, film and media sites, literary sites, comedy and entertainment venues, dance studios, parks and recreational spaces, and music and audio retail locations.

Then, each city was ranked based on the number of venues per 100,000 people and scored out of 100 in each category.

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Paris ranked top of the list scoring 77.14 out of 100. This was thanks largely to the fact it has the highest number of parks and recreational spaces per 100,000 people in Europe.

The French capital was also a high ranker when it came to live performance spaces, film and media sites, and points of cultural and artistic interest.

Another French city came in the top 10, with Lyon coming in seventh.

Barcelona, Amsterdam, Milan, and Budapest were also among the 10 best European cities for culture.

The full top 10 were ranked as follows: Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Milan, Budapest, Zurich, Lyon, Lisbon, Warsaw, and Krakow rounded off the list.

British cities did not fare so well, with Manchester performing best at just 29th in Europe.

Bristol and Leeds also ranked in the top 50 cities for culture in Europe, 36th and 50th respectively, while London took 55th place.

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