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Europe’s telecom infrastructure: A vision for connectivity and sustainability



Europe’s telecom infrastructure: A vision for connectivity and sustainability

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Business Reporter: American Tower

In an exclusive interview with Thierry Amarger, Europe CEO for American Tower, a global provider of digital communications infrastructure, a compelling vision emerges for the future of digital communications in Europe. With a backdrop of impressive progress in network deployment and a commitment to sustainability, Amarger outlines both achievements and challenges in the continent’s journey towards gigabit connectivity.

“Europe has made great progress,” Amarger states, highlighting the significant strides made in both 4G and 5G coverage. With nearly 100 per cent population coverage in most countries for 4G and 5G already exceeding 80 per cent, Europe stands at the forefront of technological adoption and expansion.

However, Amarger acknowledges that the landscape is not without its hurdles. With 27 regulations governing different markets across Europe, navigating the regulatory framework poses a challenge for industry players, including lengthy and complex permitting procedures. American Tower, he states, “need to create the right economic equation to invest”. Especially, ensuring profitability in remote areas with sparse populations remains a key economic challenge. Yet, Amarger’s company addresses this by following a neutral-host approach and sharing physical passive infrastructure, thereby making investment in such regions financially viable.

Beyond infrastructure, Amarger underscores the importance of people-centric values and sustainability initiatives. “Our number one asset is our people,” he affirms, emphasizing the company’s commitment to diversity and empowerment and, as he reveals “it’s really important for us to attract and retain the best talent. And we believe taking care of our people is a good way to do that”.

By fostering diversity and inclusivity, with employees representing 46 nationalities and a gender diversity of 42 per cent, the company cultivates an environment conducive to innovation and growth.

Amarger emphasizes the importance of environmental sustainability in the telecom sector. Through initiatives such as investing in renewable energy and optimizing energy consumption, his company has achieved a remarkable 33 per cent reduction in greenhouse emissions per tower since 2020. This commitment to sustainability aligns with broader environmental goals and demonstrates the positive impact of collaborative infrastructure sharing.

As Europe continues to evolve its telecommunications infrastructure, Amarger’s insights offer a roadmap for progress. By addressing challenges, embracing sustainability, nurturing talent, and fostering innovation, Europe is poised to remain at the forefront of global connectivity and American Tower is excited to help enabling this journey. Through collaborative efforts and a shared vision for the future, the continent is set to realize its ambition of a more connected and sustainable world.

Amarger envisions a future marked by further evolution in network technologies, including AI-driven autonomous networks, cloud-based infrastructure, and emerging applications such as virtual reality and autonomous vehicles. He emphasizes Europe’s role in driving these innovations forward and reaffirms his company’s commitment to building a more connected and sustainable world.

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