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Europe’s most chaotic airports where you’re most likely to queue for hours



A busy European airport has been branded “hell” by angry travellers who have been trapped in queues. Passengers have been in danger of missing flights after Faro airport descended into chaos at the weekend.

The Portugease airport has been slapped with fresh criticism after many annoyed Brits were left waiting more than three hours this weekend at passport control, with claims only three desks were open to check UK passports at border control.

Pictures circulating online seemingly show the airport in Faro, the capital of the southern Portuguese region of Algarve, filled to the brim with people.

Using Facebook @GraemeClark said: “Passport control in Faro airport. Only 3 desks open for UK passports. Most of the people in line will probably miss their flights or flights will be delayed. The joys of Brexit!”

Labelled as “hell both inward and outward” the airport has a ranking of just three out of 10 on Skytrax from 222 reviews. One reviewer said: “Passport control is awful! I would avoid this airport altogether. We had to wait an hour and a half in passport control, and we nearly missed our flight.

“We had our two young children with us. All the passport machines were closed and only three (very slow) members of staff checked passports.

“We were catching an early flight, the long wait at passport control meant we had no time for breakfast or a drink before boarding our flight, the airport must be losing a fortune because of staff incompetence.

“I feel they treat the British very badly at this airport, we won’t be returning to Portugal.” While another reviewer whose bag was damaged coming from Exeter to Faro called the staff “clueless and rude”.

Also in Portugal Lisbon airport has been branded as “unorganised and badly accessible in some places” with some calling it “one of the worst international airports”.

The airport has a ranking of just three out of 10 on Skytrax from 367 reviews. One reviewer said: “One of the worst international airports (if not the worst) I’ve been through.

“Our flight got delayed and we hoped we could use our priority access to lounge while waiting for our flight. Both their lounges were closed. Everywhere it was crowded and was hard to find a seating for more than three hours of waiting.”

According to AirHelp, Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado airport was considered the worst in the world in 2022.

Now the regional delegation of Portugal’s Social Democratic Party (PSD) has called for a “definitive solution” to Faro and Lisbon airport chaos adding that the long queues that have prevailed at border control has had “serious consequences” on airport operations, according to Portugal resident.

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