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Europe’s cheapest city break is known as ‘Little Paris’



Ready to book a summer getaway? A beautiful city in Eastern Europe has been named as one of the continent’s best value summer holiday destinations.

According to research from the team at Flight Hacks, Bucharest is the best value holiday destination for this summer.

The Romanian capital is sometimes known as ‘Little Paris’ as its architecture bears similarities to the City of Lights.

The team’s research found that the price of a hotel cost just £86.72 on average, making it a bargain compared to other European cities.

So what is there to do in Bucharest?

Bucharest’s top-rated attraction on Tripadvisor is the Stavropoleos Monastery which was built in the 1700s.

A tourist wrote: “The Stavropoleos Monastery is a little gem nestled into the old town of Bucharest. It’s amazing how peaceful and quiet it is given its location.”

If it’s good weather, check out the monuments at Herastrau Park which one tourist described as “a great oasis of peace”.

Bucharest is also close to one of Europe’s best value spas. Theme București is outside the city centre and has a huge range of pools and spa facilities.

Admission to the spa can cost as little as £35 and one tourist described it as “an amazing wellness centre”.

After a day at the spa, tuck into a plate of papanasi, a form of fried doughnut filled with cottage cheese and cream and smothered in berry jam.

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