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Europe’s best sunset is on a beautiful Greek island but it might be crowded



Love watching the sunset? A new study from the experts at has rounded up Europe’s best destinations to watch the sunset.

Tim Alcock, expert at, said: “Sunsets are a spectacle and something so many of us love to see.

“Many sunset lovers have taken to social media to share pictures of their most picturesque finds.”

So where’s Europe’s best sunset?

According to the experts, the Castle of Oia on the Greek island of Santorini has Europe’s best sunset.

Spain’s best place to watch the sunset is Parc del Guinardo in Barcelona, which is one of the city’s prettiest parks.

In the UK, Primrose Hill in London took the top spot for its incredible views over the centre of the city.

Ireland’s Kerry Cliffs were also named as one of Europe’s best places to watch the sunset this year.

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