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Europe’s beautiful little island that’s 28C in June and frozen in time



A stunning European island has managed to resist the tide of history and exist nearly untouched in a -heavy nation.

Meganisi is one of ‘s Ionian islands, sitting to the country’s west on the coast of Lefkada.

The islands welcome more than 200,000 people per year, just under 100 times the local population of approximately 2,300 permanent residents.

But Meganisi is known as a “hidden” island that is less visited than some of its Ionian neighbours.

The fact shows in the area’s stunning beauty, with visitors heaping praise on its “unspoilt” surroundings.

Meganisi exists outside Greece’s most tourist-heavy areas, and there is no highway taking droves of people to the island.

There is a single route on a car ferry from Lefkada, which departs from the port of Nidri.

The lack of heavy traffic to the island means that locals live untouched by large private developments and tourist-directed businesses.

This means there aren’t any of the features that have made other islands famous – nightclubs and bars.

Meganisi – which easily hits 28C in June – offers small hotels, smaller still shops, and cosy beaches where people aren’t forced to battle for deck chairs.

Travel writer Nancy Roberts said the absence of these features is what makes the island so special.

Reviewing a stay on the island for her site Map and Family, she said the whole point of visiting was for a quiet break.

She said: “These days there isn’t a lot happening on Meganisi – and that is the whole point of visiting.

“It’s a quiet little island community. But it also happens to have a fringe of lovely small beaches, dazzling blue seas and glorious Greek weather.

“It’s the perfect place to not do very much at all.”

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