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Europe’s 10 most beautiful countries named – but only one UK nation on the list



Europe’s most beautiful countries have been picked, but only one of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island made the cut.

Celebrity Cruises have recently named their top ten most beautiful countries, which includes Greece, Italy, and France, as well as Iceland and Sweden.

However, only Scotland was listed from the UK. It was praised for its deep valleys, moorlands, castles and white beaches, which apparently challenge the Caribbean’s.

The nation’s many lochs, the Scottish word for lake or fjord, were also highly recommended, including the most famous, Loch Ness, as well as Loch Lomond and Katrine.

Trossachs National Park, Scotland’s first, was also mentioned as a must-see, with its wide glens in the south and rocky peaks in the north. 

The decision to only include Scotland may come as a surprise to Brits, when the Welsh countryside and the beautiful scenery of the Peak District, Cotswolds and the South Downs are thrown into the ring. 

Other countries which did make the list are also commended for their rural landscapes, including Iceland with its Thingvellir National Park, Norway with its snow-capped mountains and dramatic cliffs and Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway, famous for its basalt columns formed from a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago, earning it a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Several countries with their iconic capitals also made the cut, including Spain, home to la Sagrada Família, finally nearing completion after 144 years, France with its 17th-century architecture that was coveted and copied by other cities and Portugal, known for its decorative ceramic tiles and pastel coloured buildings. 

Yet cities such as Bath, Bristol and Cardiff did not do enough to impress Celebrity Cruises and rank England or Wales on the list.

Southern European countries with their Mediterranean climates were also a key factor in the shortlist. This included Greece, with its 2,000 islands offering slow-paced travel and empty beaches such as Corfu and Crete, Mallorca in Spain and Sicily in Italy. France’s Côte d’Azure and Cannes specifically were highlighted as key places to visit. 

Celebrity Cruises’ top ten most beautiful countries:

  1. Greece
  2. Spain
  3. Ireland
  4. Iceland
  5. Italy
  6. Norway
  7. Scotland
  8. Portugal
  9. Sweden
  10. France
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